Fire and Gas Lifestyles is a niche market retailer and importer of wood burning closed system fireplaces with our own well trained installers offering our clients the full service from start to finish.

Our product offering is large over many brands and we only use quality materials in our installations to ensure your unit(s) function optimally.
We monitor European trends closely and bring you the latest units which all conform to stringent European standards.

We are committed to provide our clients with an in-depth understanding of our product range which would enable them to make a well informed decision before investing in one of our lifestyle enhancing systems.

We also offer the following:

* Licensed gas installations for all domestic requirements;
* On-site evaluations and liaison with builders and architects;
* After sales service and parts replacements;
* Chimney sweeps

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02 September, 2014
Nordica 70 Crystal Insert with 3 sided glass

Nordica range latest is the 70 Crystal Insert with 3 sided glass which allows the benefit of viewing the fire from 3 different sides. Extractable ash drawer - Hearth in cast-iron and ironker - Ceramic glass heat-resistant 750°c - Door in cast iron - Front and side view of the fire - Adjustable primary and secondary air, preset tertiary air with post combustion system - Possibility to change by yourself the door opening direction from right to left

20. December, 2013
Use Wood Ashes as a Fertilizer

As a fertilizer, wood ashes are a good source of potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, and aluminum. They typically contain less than 10% potash, 1 % phosphate, and trace amounts of micro-nutrients such as iron, manganese, boron, copper, and zinc. (Wood ashes do not contain nitrogen.) The exact chemical make-up of ashes varies according to wood type (hardwood ashes contain higher potassium levels than softwood ashes). If compared to a commercial fertilizer, wood ashes would probably read about 0-1-3 (N-P-K). .

20. December, 2013
Handling & Storage of Wood Ash

Wood ash is a strong alkaline (like bleach) and should be handled with caution. Wear eye protection, gloves, and a dust mask while handling it, and avoid scattering ash when windy. Make sure ashes are completely "burned out" and cool before collecting them for use. To reduce the risk of fire, store them in a metal container with a secure lid.

20. December, 2013
Ashes From Charcoal Grills

Ashes from charcoal grills should never be used in the garden due to the chemical residues left by processed charcoal. The same is true of ashes obtained from cardboard, and ashes from wood that has been pressure-treated, painted, or stained. All contain harmful chemicals that could potentially contaminate soil and inhibit plant growth.

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