A closed combustion fireplace is the ideal choice for an indoor fireplace

If you are considering options for an indoor fireplace, a closed combustion fireplace is an extremely popular choice. This product is typically a closed system fireplace that usually comprising a fireplace with a glass door. At Fire and Gas Lifestyles, closed system fireplaces are part of our extensive product range – and we have some of the most stylish options available to suit our clients’ needs.

Closed combustion fireplaces are traditionally more costly to install than open fireplaces, mostly due to the complexity of its installation, but in the long-run a closed fireplace conserves costs by using less wood and offering durability.

Whilst an open fireplace converts only about 20% of its fuel into heat, a closed system fireplace is designed to minimise the loss of heat and to use its fuel as efficiently as possible. In a closed system fireplace, hot air is first circulated within the unit before it is expelled through the flue, which means that it generates more heat than an open fireplace.

As a home owner, you may feel that a closed fireplace does not offer the same ambience – but with the range of modern designs available today, this is not true! Modern closed fireplaces are fitted with large fire-resistant glass doors that allow you to enjoy the fire regardless.

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Why we recommend closed combustion fireplace systems…

Besides being a safer option for indoors, especially for home owners with young children, a closed combustion fireplace is also beneficial because:

  • It is sealed and therefore smoke emissions are minimal
  • It is safer as the risk of sparks causing a fire are limited
  • It is ultra-durable
  • Of its eco-friendliness due to reduced carbon emissions
  • It is an economical, fuel-efficient choice as closed fireplaces burn for longer and require less wood
  • It limits the amount of clean-up required as the amount of ash is less than in an open fireplace and the fireplace would therefore only need cleaning after its been used a few times

At Fire and Gas Lifestyles we offer a vast range of closed system fireplaces in assorted styles, designs, shapes and colours. Our products are sourced from various local and global brands. Expect nothing but quality and longevity when relying on us for a fireplace installation.

Browse through our various closed fireplace options, or contact our team to discuss your requirements.

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