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Dru Fireplaces celebrate warmth and comfort

Dru fireplaces hail from the Netherlands and have been successful for 250 years in the manufacture of the highest quality cast iron fireplaces and are also the largest producers of balanced flue gas fireplaces.

The company is called De Koninklijke Diepenbrock en Reigers and in short, known as DRU. Dru fireplaces are equipped with a unique triple burning system

  1. The Primary air that is pulled in from beneath the fireplace is only used to start the burning process
  2. The secondary air comes in through the back of the stove and is fed through special air inlets in the back and lower chambers at the front of the unit. A portion of this takes care of the air wash of the glass window.
  3. A third opening at the rear of the stove ejects the tertiary air, through small holes in the back of the combustion chamber which results in almost total combustion of wood, resulting in less wood consumption.


Output net min. | 6.0kW

Output net max. | 10.0kW

Weight | 135Kg

Flue | Top, Rear

Flue Ø | 150mm

Colours | Anthracite

Material | Cast Iron

Technical drawings

R34,995.00 incl. VAT



Output net min. | 8.0kW

Output net max. | 12.0kW

Weight | 195Kg

Flue | Top, Rear

Flue Ø | 150mm

Colours | Anthracite

Material | Cast Iron

Technical drawings

R40,885.00 incl. VAT



Output net min. | 9.0kW

Output net max. | 13.0kW

Weight | 245Kg

Flue | Top, Rear

Flue Ø | 150mm

Colours | Anthracite

Material | Cast Iron

Technical drawings

R46,995.00 incl. VAT

The different parts of a fireplace

The basic parts of a fireplace contain the hearth, firebox, damper and flue. The hearth is the exterior of the fireplace that the heat or flames exude heat from. The hearth can be described as the front facing part of a fireplace. The firebox is the containment area in which wood or other fuels are burnt to generate heat. A closed combustion system will include a fire-resistant glass door that seals off the firebox.

The damper is the lever which opens the airduct within the flue or chimney of a fireplace. A flue can be described at the pipe, duct or opening that leads fumes or smoke away from the firebox to the exterior of a building. Basically, the chimney is the visible part outside the structure and the flue is the shaft that is internal and cannot be seen from the outside.

The damper is the valve inside the chimney that regulates air flow. If your fireplace has a damper, it should always be opened prior to lighting a fire in order to avoid smoke damage. A damper also keeps birds from nesting in the fireplace and other debris out of the firebox.

Easy to operate, robust, stylish and state-of-the-art modern wood burning fireplaces are designed to suit all tastes, interiors and heating needs. Choose from the Instyle, Prostyle, Ivar, Vidar, Jens, Folke or unique Odin range. The DG Fireplaces can heat areas from 230m³ to areas of up to 500m³ efficiently. If you are looking for a contemporary Dutch design with impressive views of the fire, ease of operation and strikingly beautiful – look no further than Dik Geurts.

Do I have to keep my chimney clean?

The short answer is yes. Your chimney will need a proper and professional cleaning at least once a year to remove creosote, debris or other build-up that may hamper your fire making ability. Creosote is a black and oily substance which is a by-product of wood burning. Unfortunately, wood doesn’t burn cleanly and can coat the inside of a chimney of flue with contaminants. Besides creosote, other debris such as leaves, rubbish or birds nests can be blown or built in a fireplace which need to be removed to prevent vermin from becoming a problem.

A chimney sweep can professionally clean your chimney for you quickly and efficiently. The best time to have your chimney cleaned in South Africa is in summer – before the fireplace will be utilised to heat your home on cold winter days and nights.

We offer not only the supply and installation of fireplaces, but we stock parts required and also offer a chimney sweep service. Reach out to us if you need a chimney sweep.

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