Fireplace Designs: Discover 25 of the Latest Trends

Nowadays, there are so many fireplace designs that one can choose from! Gone are the days where an open fireplace, built into your home’s structure, was the only option. Furthermore, there are ample interior design methods to make use of to make the most of your space – the fireplace ideas are nearly endless.
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Painting a black exterior

Re-decorating is always a good choice! Give your fireplace new life by painting its exterior holding black. This new look will transform your space for a modern, updated feel while still preserving the original design.

25 fireplace designs

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Use abstract tiling

Tiling the exterior of your fireplace can be what gives it the extra pizazz it needs. Tiling adds a level of sophistication, and with endless tiling opportunities you can easily personalise your space. You can also select a design and colour scheme to complement the rest of your home décor, whether traditional or contemporary.

25 fireplace designs

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The two-sided fireplace

If you are still on the hunt for fireplace ideas, consider a two-sided option that works for an indoor and outdoor area in your home. Depending on the design of your home, you could have one side that heats up your living room while also providing some ambiance for when you are lounging outdoors or at the poolside.

25 fireplace designs

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The glass box fireplace

The glass box fireplace is a modern addition to any home. Using a fireplace of this kind in your space is a guaranteed conversation piece that can be placed centrally in your desired room. It’s beautiful, functional, and can also be an elegant focal point for your room.

25 fireplace designs

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Create a contemporary space

Just because your fireplace is a source of warmth for your home, doesn’t mean it can’t be an integral part of your spaces design elements. Keep your fireplace ideas simple yet elegant with a contemporary twist. Simplicity is key after all!

25 fireplace designs

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Choose a minimalistic design

Speaking of simplicity is key… This is the secret to minimalism! Although individuals often think minimalism is easy to achieve, that is not necessarily the case. Turning your fireplace into the focal point of a minimalistic room requires careful decisions in furniture, décor and colour choices.

25 fireplace designs

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Use pops of colour

If you feel as though your space is lacking, a great way to spruce it up is by using pops of colour! This is a good way to make a statement in any space. You can use pillows, accessories like vases or plants, and even furniture. Hanging a colourful artwork above your fireplace will also help draw attention to your fireplace design.

25 fireplace designs

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Have design symmetry

Balance doesn’t mean boring, and it does not necessarily mean that you have to have the one side of your room mirror the other. Creating balance in your space, with your fireplace as the focal point, is all about using furniture and décor in a way that fills out the space of each side of the room – therefore not leaving one side looking heavier with colour and patterns than the other.

25 fireplace designs

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Create a rustic look

A rustic look can be achieved in various ways. From layering up on specific antique items to utilising natural edges, there are lots of different ways to achieve a well-rounded rustic look that will match your fireplace. Proper colour coordination is also important when it comes to this goal – so make sure you’ve got all the right colours and coordinating textures!

25 fireplace designs

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Accessorize your mantel

Your fireplace can work alongside other décor choices to make your space truly eclectic. Using carefully chosen pieces on your mantel helps you achieve the interior design style you are aiming for! It is also a great way to add personality and charm to any fireplace, no matter the size of the room.

25 fireplace designs

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Ornamentally designed fireplaces

One of the best ways to achieve a Victorian styled interior is by installing an ornamental fireplace. These types of fireplaces are unique in their design and can help you create a cosy yet sophisticated environment. Along with ornamental décor, you’ll have your dream space in no time.

25 fireplace designs

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Frameless fireplace

A frameless fireplace is the perfect addition to any home. With a frameless fireplace you can bring warmth and comfort while also adding a touch of elegance that will impress everyone who sees it.

25 fireplace designs

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The double sided fireplaces

Not only are double sided fireplaces aesthetically pleasing, but you can enjoy them in more than one room of your home. Hence, these fireplaces provide double the amount of heat and give you double the amount of designing opportunities.

25 fireplace designs

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Mounted fireplaces

When you have a floating fireplace in your home, it typically becomes a focal point. Hence, it’s important to keep it colour cohesive with other decor elements throughout your space to ensure your interior design is properly enhanced.

25 fireplace designs

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Choose a quirky design

Need something quirky? A rounded beautiful fireplace is the way to go. Like nothing you have ever seen before, these circular shaped fireplaces are a statement of their own and are still functional to use. No matter what kind of room you are furnishing, a rounded fireplace is the focal point you’ll want.

25 fireplace designs

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Play with texture

Play with texture! Sometimes it’s as easy as adding texture to the wall behind your fireplace, or the floor underneath it, that makes your fireplace really pop. Utilising the correct décor items can also help you achieve this.

25 fireplace designs

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Keep it consistent

Whatever theme you have, it is important to pull this key element throughout your space. For example, if you have chosen a modern design look ensure that this is seen in more than just your fireplace, let your furniture, trinkets and light fixtures compliment it.

25 fireplace designs

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Keep it cosy

The main purpose of a fireplace is to provide warmth in your home, so keep your space cosy to match! With traditional interior decorating, adding cosy elements such as a warm throw or a big rug can pull your space together beautifully.

25 fireplace designs

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Install a mantel

If you don’t have a mantel above your fireplace now is your time to get one! Installing a floating shelf to act as one lets you add thoughtful decor items around your fireplace that can easily elevate your rooms style.

25 fireplace designs

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White fireplace

In a room that is maybe busier than most, a white fireplace is a perfect focal point. It is also a great way to add light and warmth to small rooms. For a more minimalistic look, white fireplaces in mostly white rooms also create an impressive look and feel.

25 fireplace designs

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Make use of one colour

Brighten up the space around your fireplace by painting it a warm or soothing colour. Furthermore, incorporate similar shades of this colour throughout your space with rugs, ornaments, scatter cushions and more.

25 fireplace designs

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Mix styles

A great way to keep your space looking fresh and quirky is by mixing new and old elements. Compliment these with your chosen fireplace and you’ll have a showstopper of a room! For example, if you have a vintage looking home, throwing in a more modern fireplace can be a healthy clash.

25 fireplace designs

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Liven up your fireplace accessories

Decorating with your fireplace accessories, such as your fire screen, can help you echo the style of your room. This can also be done with decorative pieces of wood, for wood burning fireplaces, and items such as baskets that you may be using to store said wood.

25 fireplace designs

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Open up your space

The easiest way to make a room look larger is by making the ceiling higher – though this is not always a viable option. By placing a mirror above your fireplace, which is often the focal point of a room, you’ll be able to do just that without altering the structure of your home. This makes your home look larger and more luxurious.

25 fireplace designs

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Make your flue a feature

If you’re thinking about installing a fireplace with a flue, or already have one, why not take the opportunity to integrate your flue into the design of your space? A monochromatic theme can look fantastic in modern or contemporary interiors – just think about how special that flue could be!

Unique fireplace designs for your home

When selecting a fireplace for your home, you might feel overwhelmed when confronted with the vast range of fireplace designs available. Whether you prefer a gas or wood fireplace, open or closed, there are several service providers specialising in a broad range of fireplace décor ideas that will not only add aesthetic appeal to your home but will manage to keep your family warm during those chilly winter months.

To help you make the right decision, you can always rely on our experienced team at Fire and Gas Lifestyles. We have been working in the fireplace industry for many years and have also assisted with a diverse range of installations – and can therefore advise you on what the best option for your home and requirements would be.

Considerations for choosing your final design

  1. Decide on your fireplace’s main function

Before deciding on the best possible fireplace design for your home, you need to decide what its main function will be. Are you simply looking to install a fireplace for aesthetic value, for warmth, or a combination of both?

  1. Choose your preferred installation location

Once you know what function your fireplace will serve, you need to decide where the best location would be to install it – will it be in your bedroom or a living room fireplace? The place of installation will also have an impact on the type of design as larger rooms may require a different style for better heating efficiency.

  1. Determine your budget

Decide what your total budget for your new fireplace installation is – your budget should include the fireplace, as well as installation costs.

  1. Choose your preferred fuel type

Decide whether you prefer a wood-burning or gas fireplace. We have a wide selection of both options available at Fire and Gas Lifestyles.

  1. Have a look at available designs to find a suitable style

Do some research and have a look at available fireplace designs and trims to see what will work best with your current interior design. With the range of fireplace designs available today, in an assortment of colours and finishes, you are bound to find a solution to match your interior perfectly.

  1. Make sure you know what the fireplace looks like when not burning

Your fireplace will not be burning constantly, which is why it is important to see what it looks like when it is not burning to ensure that it will fit in with your current interior style.

  1. If possible, work with a full-service retailer

For peace of mind, work with a full-service retailer when installing a new fireplace. Doing so will ensure that your fireplace installation is done professionally, and you will have a go-to service provider for all questions and possible maintenance issues that may arise.

Fireplace Ideas for Every Home

Fire and Gas Lifestyles is a full-service retailer, you can therefore count on us not only to provide you with a high-quality fireplace from a reputable manufacturer, but with an efficient and lasting installation as well.

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