A Nordica Fireplace to suit your heating and styling needs

The Nordica fireplace range is a superior Italian brand suited to many indoor applications. The Nordica fireplace range is designed with a ceramic glass resistant of up to 750°C. This range largely consists of cast iron designs which are built to withstand high heat and variations in temperatures. These stylish and modern stoves are a beautiful addition to any home space. Most of the Nordica range can be installed in pre-existing fireplaces too. Get in touch with our experts to discuss your needs.

What is a closed-combustion fireplace?

A closed-combustion or closed-system fireplace is designed to burn as much fuel as possible within the heat chamber, thereby minimising the loss of heat and recirculating hot hair before it escapes through the flue. These typically contain fire-resistant glass doors which allow you to see the fire which has a very calming and satisfying effect on those who love to gather around the hearth in a home. Most modern fireplace designs include large doors or windows which allow one to enjoy watching the flames of a wood stoked fire. 

Closed combustion units are extremely efficient as they are designed to minimise the loss of heat by burning as much wood or fuel as possible. The efficiency extends to cost-savings as you are able to heat your home adequately without high electricity costs, especially during the colder and wetter months.

No mess, no fuss

One of the benefits of a closed combustion fireplace is that very little ash and residue is left for a homeowner to deal with as the fire combustion takes care of most of the fuel. With regular use, these fireplaces only have to be cleaned once or twice a week which makes the Nordica fireplace range a popular choice. Enjoy the comfort and ambience of a beautiful wood burning hearth in your home with the added bonus of minimal mess and fuss. A homeplace fire stove has never been this accessible.

As these fireplaces are sealed, there is no need to worry about smoke or soot within a home or establishment which adds to the benefit of owning a closed combustion solution. This ensures a smoke and soot free zone.

Professional Installations

Fireplaces should only be installed by professionals to ensure safe and effective home heating systems. Fire and Gas Lifestyles import and install fireplaces professionally and satisfactorily and our services extend to not only closed systems, but open systems, braais and gas water heaters. We import and install the Nordica range from Italy in Somerset West and surrounds in the Western Cape. We are a trusted name in fireplaces, braais and water heaters.

Speak to us if you are in need of a beautiful and energy-efficient unit for your home, office or hospitality establishment. Our expert team are available to give you guidance on choosing the right product for your needs. Choose the eco-friendly and energy efficiency of a stylish Nordica fireplace.


Nordica Brigitta

Nordica Brigitta

W x H x D | 404 x 640 x 397

Max Capacity | 7kW

Heatable Area | 260m³

Outlet Ø | 125mm

Weight | 72kg

Fuel | Wood Burning

Technical drawings

R25,850.00 incl. VAT


Nordica Candy


W x H x D | 404 x 890 x 400

Max Capacity | 9kW

Heatable Area | 330m³

Outlet Ø | 125mm

Weight | 85kg

Fuel | Wood Burning

Technical drawings

R29,995.00 incl. VAT


Nordica Tea

W x H x D | 414 x 832 x 419

Max Capacity | 8kW

Heatable Area | 290m³

Outlet Ø | 125mm top

Weight | 110kg

Fuel | Wood Burning

Technical drawings

R23,995.00 incl. VAT


Nordica Isotta

Nordica Isotta

W x H x D | 790 x 775 x 660

Max Capacity | 15kW

Heatable Area | 500m³

Outlet Ø | 153mm

Weight | 205kg

Fuel | Multi-Fuel

Technical drawings

R69,985.00 incl. VAT


Nordica Rosa 5.0


W x H x D | 1030 x 851 x 650

Heatable Area | 252m³

Smoke Outlet Diameter | 150mm S/P

Weight | 204kg

Hourly Consumption | 2.5 kg/h

Rated Thermal Input | 8.8kW

Technical drawings

R79,995.00 incl. VAT

Sovrana Easy 2.0

Nordica Sovrana EVO 2.0

W x H x D | 964 x 848 x 641

Max Capacity | 7.5kW

Heatable Area | 215m³

Outlet Ø | 125mm

Weight | 140kg

Fuel | Wood Burning

Technical drawings

R55,500.00 incl. VAT


Nordica 60 Flat 4.0 (fan assisted: thermostat controlled)


W x H x D | 595 x 500 x 440

Max Capacity | 8kW

Heatable Area | 290m³

Outlet Ø | 153mm

Weight | 115kg

Fuel | Wood Burning

Technical drawings

R34,995.00 incl. VAT


Nordica 70 Flat 4.0 (Fan assisted: thermostat controlled)


W x H x D | 695 x 550 x 450

Max Capacity | 11kW

Heatable Area | 410m³

Outlet Ø | 153mm top

Weight | 145kg

Fuel | Wood Burning

Technical drawings

R39,985.00 incl. VAT

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