Seeking a quality gas braai for your home?

To ensure that your braai food is always cooked to perfection, a gas braai is a great idea! Gas braais also offer various burner options that allow you to cook different types of food at once. For the ultimate convenience, have a look at the range of modern, quality gas braais on offer at Fire and Gas Lifestyles.

We can assist with the installation of your brand-new gas braai to ensure that it is functioning optimally.

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With a gas braai, you can braai instantly

One of the foremost pros of choosing a gas braai is the fact that it is always braai-ready. With a gas braai, you do not have to wait for your wood or charcoal to be ready – you can simply switch it on and start braaiing. Other reasons why more and more people are preferring a gas braai to a traditional wood or charcoal braai, include:

  • There is less smoke to irritate your eyes as there is no wood or charcoal burning.
  • Gas braais offer better control of the temperature – and it can provide you with instant heat.
  • Gas braais are convenient and are always ready for use.
  • Gas braais require less cleaning. Most braais are fitted with a drip tray that collects all oil spills during a braai and there is no waiting period for the ashes to cool off before you can start cleaning.
  • Gas braais offer versatility as most modern braais offer added features to keep braaied meat warm, to cook bread, etc.
  • Gas braais are available in a variety of styles, designs and sizes to match the needs of different families.

If you are ready to have your own built in braai installed at home, feel free to visit us in Somerset West to see our range of products, or simply contact us via phone or email to discuss your needs.

At Fire and Gas Lifestyles, we offer a wide range of beautiful, high-end gas braais from prestigious brands such as Chad-O-Chef. The braais on offer are available in different sizes, and we also offer a range of accessories to enhance your braai experience. Some of the upgrades and extras available include:

  • Stir Fry Pans (place this pan on your braai and enjoy delicious stir-fry dishes)
  • Rotisseries and Dome (with this accessory you can convert your braai into a rotisserie to flame-grill roasts, bakes, or even pizza)
  • Sizzler Mobile Braai (the ideal option for those who have limited space available)
  • Sizzler Hybrid Attachment (this serves as an extension to your Sizzler Mobile Braai and allows you to convert your braai into one that works with gas, wood, or charcoal)

Talk to our team about your braaiing and entertainment requirements and let us assist you in choosing the ideal braai for you! Contact us via phone or email.

Some tips on hosting the perfect braai with your new gas braai

With your beautiful, new gas braai, it is time to host the perfect braai with your closest friends and family. Here are some tips to keep in mind to ensure that your braai is a great success:

  • Check that you have sufficient gas beforehand

Before the day of the braai, be sure to check that you have enough gas to cook for all your guests. Running out of gas in the middle of your braai may disappoint your guests. By checking in advance, you still have enough time to replenish your gas supply.

  • Clean your braai properly

Cleaning your braai properly before you host a braai is part of South African braai etiquette. Make sure that you remove any residue and build-up from previous braais, as this will cause large amounts of smoke and can also affect the taste of your meat. For the best results, pre-heat your braai and then brush off all residue with a steel brush. Also, remove any pieces of char from the grill before lighting up for a new braai.

  • Know what temperatures are best for cooking your food

The best thing about having a gas braai is the fact that you can manage the temperature. Do your research and make sure you know which meat types should be grilled at higher temperatures, and which require lower temperatures. Knowing how to grill your guests’ meat perfectly will ensure that your braai is remembered for years to come!

By keeping these tips in mind, your first braai with your new gas braai from Fire and Gas Lifestyles is bound to be a joyous – and delicious – affair. We hope you have fun!

Talk to our team about your braaiing and entertainment requirements and let us assist you in choosing the ideal braai for you! Contact us via phone or email.

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