Wood Burning Fireplace: Add an authentic touch!

Investing in a wood burning fireplace is not only an aesthetic enhancement to your home, but with the rise in electrical costs, it is also a financially viable option that will enable you as home owner to better manage your electricity expenses during the winter months when extra heating is required. At Fire and Gas Lifestyles, we offer a wide range of indoor fireplaces – both open and closed – suited for domestic requirements.

We have partnered with local fireplace brands like Home Fires, Infiniti and Chad-O-Chef, to provide our clients with an extensive selection of stylish indoor fireplaces suited for wood-burning. Their products are of a superior, lasting quality and their designs include a solution for every unique requirement.

Our team has years of experience in the installation of different fireplaces and we can assist with your fireplace journey from start-to-end. We offer on-site consultations to ensure your selection of fireplace will serve to correctly heat your interior space. We also work with builders and architects to manage new installations.

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Why rely on our team for your wood burning fireplace?

By relying on such a respected and established brand for quality products, clients can have complete peace of mind when making use of our services. If you are still unsure whether you should install a wood fireplace, here are some reasons to rely on our professional team to ensure a smooth project completion:

  • The products we distribute are manufactured from only the best available materials and clients can therefore expect a durable installation.
  • To reduce maintenance costs, these fireplaces are manufactured with easily-replaceable accessories such as ash drawers and fire grids, which means that these accessories can be replaced separately without having to repair the entire fireplace.
  • Both the freestanding and built-in fireplaces offer both convection and radiant heat systems.
  • The freestanding and built-in units are fitted with an adjustable damper that can be controlled from the outside to help homeowners start and better control their fires.

Whether you are considering a brand-new wood burning fireplace, or you want to upgrade your existing one, the team at Fire and Gas Lifestyles can assist not only by providing you with beautiful and quality designs, but also by completing the entire installation in alignment with national construction and safety regulations.

On choosing the best firewood for your new fireplace

Wood-burning fireplaces is known for creating a warm and cosy ambience. For the best results, you need to make sure that you to choose the best wood for your fireplace. The rule of thumb for all firewood is: the drier the wood, the better it will burn.

All wood contains small tubes that were responsible for carrying water from the roots to the branches, and these tubes can stay moist for months after the wood has been cut. Unfortunately, moist wood will not burn properly and may cause an excess amount of smoke.

Here are some tips to ensure that you only make use of the best (and driest) wood for your fireplace:

  • When purchasing wood from a retailer, make sure that the wood was stored in a dry location with sufficient ventilation. Being stored outside is not an issue, as long as it is covered.
  • Try to find dark to grey coloured wood – this indicated that the wood is older and thus drier.
  • Bang some of the logs together. If it makes a hollow sound, it will burn better.
  • The wood should be relatively light in weight. If the wood seems unusually heavy, it may still contain water.
  • Check the ends of the logs – if it is cracked, it indicates that the wood is dry.
  • If possible, choose logs without bark, or where bark is peeling off. Bark requires moisture to stay attached to wood, which means that logs without bark is drier.
  • Try to dig deep and find the older logs on the bottom of the pile for the best burning results.

Harder wood types, like oak and hickory will burn more intensely for longer periods of time, whereas softer wood types like pine will burn out fast. Therefore, always opt for harder wood types.

To talk to us about your options when it comes to the installation of a wood fireplace in your home, feel free to contact us either via phone or email.

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