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For most South Africans, braaiing is an often-enjoyed past-time. With a built-in braai, this past-time can be enjoyed more often as it allows you to braai both indoors and outdoors in all kinds of weather conditions – come rain or shine. At Fire and Gas Lifestyles, we also take braaiing seriously, which is why we offer an extensive range of high-quality braais in a range of designs and sizes.

To offer our clients some of the best braais available in South Africa, Fire and Gas Lifestyles proudly distributes Home Fires’ braais. They are a forerunner in the industry and are known for setting the trend for innovation and practical designs. Their products guarantee smoke-free use and have a 15-year warranty of heat damage, workmanship and materials.

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Advantages of the built in braais we supply:

With Home Fires’ built-in braais, you can leisurely entertain friends and family at your home. Their braais are known for:

  • A-grade quality – by only making use of hot rolled mild steel of 3mm thickness, their braais are known for its durability, no matter how often it is used.
  • Ember makers – most of their braais are fitted with an ember maker that allows a braaier to quickly create embers to braai within 15 minutes. This concept is unique to Home Fires’ braais and ensures that one has a continuous flow of embers to braai with throughout the braaiing process.
  • Their braai units can also be used as indoor fireplaces and therefore serves a dual purpose.
  • Most of the units have an upper and lower door and the lower doors serve as a convenient worktop whilst braaiing.
  • The grills in the braais can be adjusted for the braaier’s convenience.
  • Home Fires’ offers a vast range of accessories that enables the braaier to get creative in front of the fire.
  • To ensure that the braaier can see what he/she is doing, the braais include a 220V light fitting on the inside.

Some valuable tips to maintain your built-in braai:

All South Africans know that you need to take advantage of any good weather and have a braai whenever possible. To ensure that your braai lasts longer, and looks newer for longer no matter how often you make use of it, here are some cleaning and maintenance tips from our team:

  • The first, and most important tip, is to clean your braai regularly. By keeping it clean, you are prolonging its lifespan. Clean your braai with a grill cleaning steel brush and a non-abrasive braai cleaner that can help to break up the grease. After cleaning, make sure that your wipe all surfaces carefully with clean water to ensure that no chemical matters will be transferred onto your food. To thoroughly clean your built-in braai, removing all parts from the unit and transferring it to a flat surface may make it easier to reach all nooks and crannies.
  • Once you have cleaned your grill with soapy water, dry it immediately to prevent it from rusting.
  • After you have braaied, and the coals have cooled down, remove the cold ash from the braai. Not only will this make it easier for you when you want to braai again, but it also prevents ash from causing blockages in air vents. If left in the braai, ash may start to absorb moisture, and this could lead the inner parts of your braai to rust. Another useful tip: do not pour cold water over hot ashes to cool it down quicker – this will cause a big mess and make it difficult to clean your braai afterwards.
  • If your braai is outside and exposed to the elements, invest in a proper cover for your braai, as this could prolong its lifespan by protecting it from dust build-up, rain, etc.

If you are ready to have your own built in braai installed at home, feel free to visit us in Somerset West to see our range of products, or simply contact us via phone or email to discuss your needs.

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