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An Infiniti Fireplace for all your gas heating needs

Owning an Infiniti fireplace provides you with a glimpse into new generation heating mechanisms. The Infiniti range is built to resemble modern architecture and moving away from simply being described an appliance. The team at Infiniti Fires have created a unique and true to South African heritage and lifestyles, a range of gas fireplaces designed with our country in mind.

Therefore, an Infiniti fireplace is at the forefront of gas heating technology whilst being striking and efficient. The flue-less gas fire range run close to an efficiency rate of 100% and provides a great saving on the running costs. Flue-less grates in gas fires waste zero energy and dramatically minimise the emissions of harmful substances into the air. The result is a highly efficient heating system that is cost affective and environmentally friendly. There is no reason not to invest in a gas fireplace.


Infiniti Fireplace With Delux Black Trim

From R19,815.00 incl. VAT

Different size options available,
price varies

Infiniti Fireplace With Extra Wide Stainless Steel Trim

From R21,265.00 incl. VAT

Different size options available,
price varies

Infiniti Stainless Steel Drop-In

From R12,730.00 incl. VAT

Different size options available,
price varies

Flame Dancer Abstracts

Price on application


R18,140.00 incl. VAT



Price on application


R21,225.00 incl. VAT



From R24,795.00 incl. VAT

Different options available,
price varies


Slimline Built In

From R24,945.00 incl. VAT

Different options available,
price varies

Infiniti Cube on Log
Holder Stand

From R21,060.00 incl. VAT

Different kilowatt options
available, price varies

Infiniti Curve

From  R27,470.00 incl. VAT

Different kilowatt options
available, price varies
Infiniti 14kw Convection unit with Slimline legs

Infiniti FS with Stainless
steel Leg Unit

From R38,220.00 incl. VAT

Different kilowatt options
available, price varies
Infiniti Convection unit with Slimline legs

From R23,950.00 incl. VAT

Different kilowatt options
available, price varies

The Infiniti Fireplace Flame Dancer™ Burners

Infiniti Fires make use of their Flame Dancer burners in all their gas fireplaces. This technology provides a flame that leaves the grate in a vertical sheet which allows the flame to dance. Uncovered, these flames are about 100mm high and when covered the flame effect is spread across more of the grate for a more traditional look and feel. Modern looks, realistic flame fires and extremely low emissions make this range highly desirable.

The advantages of extremely low emissions mean a virtually odourless grate, lower amounts of Carbon Monoxide or Dioxide produced, safe and more efficient grate in the industry. The Flame Dancer grates provide the following effects:

  • Uncovered: White or black stone chips or natural white stones around the burner.
  • Covered: White or black chips or natural white stones over the burner. The natural white stones can be placed around and overt the burner.
  • Grates available for 5 and 7kw heating capacities.

Tips for owning a gas fireplace

  1. Decide on whether you want a vented or unvented gas fireplace and familiarise yourself with the operating and maintenance instructions.
  2. Gas fireplaces can be placed in any room within a home, in the kitchen, living or dining room, bathroom, bedroom or patio.
  3. As much as 75 to 99% of a fuel’s energy is given back as heat which makes these fires more efficient than wood burning fires.
  4. Only use professionals to install your gas fireplaces.
  5. You can use natural or propane gas.
  6. Match your gas fireplace’s output to the size of your room, the climate of your environment and the insulation level of your home.
  7. Have your gas fireplace seen to by professional cleaners at least annually.
Speak to us about the installation of your gas fireplace, we can do an on-site visit to evaluate your space and requirements, and thereby provide you with the best advice and service. Our range of gas burners will delight you and keep your home warm during the cold and wet winter months.

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