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Braaiing is an activity that most South Africans participate in on a weekly basis, sometimes even more! Of course, this means that choosing your home’s braai is an important decision. At Fire and Gas Lifestyles, we can help you choose by offering a wide selection of built in braai ideas and solutions. Our product range includes both fire and gas braais in a range of styles and sizes to meet our clients’ unique requirements.

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The big debate | Gas vs. wood braais

Choosing between a wood and gas braai is a big debate in South Africa. Truth be told, there is no right or wrong answer, but to make the right choice for your home it might be best to weigh the options carefully.

Why choose a fire braai?

Most South Africans would say that a fire braai is the best – without any hesitation. Nothing brings family and friends together like a braai, but despite the atmosphere, a fire braai also offers other advantages such as the:

  • Smoky flavour it ensures
  • Fact that wood / charcoal is readily available almost anywhere in the country
  • High heat it offers which is ideal for cooking meat

Why choose a gas braai?

One of the main reasons that more people are considering gas braais is the convenience it offers. It makes impromptu braais possible as you do not have to plan and acquire your wood or charcoal supplies – with the touch of a button, you are ready to braai. Other advantages offered by gas braais, include:

  • It allows for better temperature control which enables the braaier to cook different meats and side dishes at once, without much effort.
  • Gas braais are safer than open fires, especially when used in enclosed areas such as small gardens and patios.

More factors to consider when choosing a braai

Once you have made the difficult decision of choosing between a gas or wood-burning braai, there are several other factors to consider to help you make your braai area the best it can be:

  • One of the most important factors is location! You want to be sure that you create your braai area in a relaxing setting where you will be able to spend hours on end. When choosing the location, considering weather elements might be helpful. In Cape Town, the harsh South Easterly wind needs to be considered – no one wants to sit around a braai in the wind.
  • Make sure that the location you choose for your built-in braai offers enough seating space for your usual number of guests, and if possible, create a type of shelter that allows you to braai in all kinds of weather – come rain or shine.
  • Establish the size of the braai unit that will best suit your braaiing requirements. Of course, the bigger the braai, the bigger your budget should be. The size of the braai you need is mostly dependent on the number of guests that you usually braai for.
  • Consider the extra features you may want with your new braai. Some additional accessories available on the market can make your braaiing time much more enjoyable! These accessories include an ember maker, lights, ash pans, doors, hooks, and more.
  • When choosing your new braai, it is best to go with established names in the industry to ensure a quality and lasting product. Luckily, we at Fire and Gas lifestyles have partnered only with the best and most reliable brands in the industry and clients can thus rest assured that the built-in braais that we offer are of a superior standard. According to multiple sources, the brands that we have partnered with, including Home Fires and Chad-O-Chef, are some of the best in the country.

No matter your preference, you are bound to find a stylish and practical braai solution from our wide range of gas and fire braai designs. Both gas and fire braais allow for a wonderful, relaxing time with friends and family – in the true South African fashion.

We have partnered with established brands in the industry to ensure that we only make the best products available to our clients. Get in touch with us via phone or email to discuss a range of built in braai ideas to match your needs.

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