Fireplace flue: How To Choose The Right One

A fireplace flue is an important accessory that needs to accompany your indoor braai or stove. It is responsible for extracting all gas or smoke to the outdoors. At Fire and Gas Lifestyles, we offer a wide selection of systems that are suited for various fire making places and braais. Most of our flue systems are imported from Italy and our clients can therefore expect nothing but premium, European-quality products.

Our range of products include:

Matt Black Flue

Representing the highest level of SAVE quality , laser welding ensures these carbon steel pipes perfect welding. Internal / external vitreous enamel coating baked at to 850`C provides exceptional resistance against corrosion by combustible condensate. The flue pipes are 1.2mm thick with the enamel coating and are perfectly resistant even to extreme situations such as soot fire without being damaged or modified. We have the Matt Black flues : sizes: 125 , 153, 180 and 200mm diameter. In the matt Black range we stock :

Matt Black

304 Stainless Steel Flues

304 Stainless Steel Flues imported from Italy.

fireplace flue

Double Insulated Flues with Chip-Lock Systems in 304/316 Stainless Steel

Double Insulated Flues with Clip-Lock System in 304/316 Grade Stainless Steel

fireplace flue

Easy Flex Liners

Imported from Italy – available size 155mm diameter and the grade is 316s stainless steel.

Double Insulated

How does a fireplace flue work?

Without a fully functioning extraction system, a fireplace would not work well in any environment.

An extraction canal runs from your stove to the top of a chimney – to the outdoors – and is responsible for directing exhaust gases to the outside to prevent it from smoking up your interior. A flue works via the stack effect that occurs when there is a distinct temperature difference between the indoors and outdoors, and this leads to the gases and ash being extracted to the outside. In some instances, this could lead to heat loss as well, but alterations can be made to a system to minimise heat loss.

A flue also serves another function and that is to let fresh air into the fire making place to oxygenate the fire. A flue can be opened or closed, depending on how big you want your fire to be.

Things to keep in mind when choosing a flue:

A fireplace flue functions under negative pressure to draw the combustion from your braai or stove. To ensure that it works perfectly, it is crucial that the flue diameter chosen matches the output of your fireplace or braai. For a successful installation, the following guidelines should be kept in mind:

  • Make sure that the height and position of your flue is in proportion to ensure that it functions correctly. Even when it is a built cowl, adhere to the correct height and position.
  • Your flue’s diameter is designed in line with the kilowatt output of your fire making place. Therefore, adhere to the correct diameter.
  • The correct materials need to be used for the manufacture of the flue. Not only will this ensure functionality, but also durability. Most modern flues are manufactured from steel, as it is fire resistant. Some people, however, prefer having a ceramic or brick flue installed with their hearth. Our range of Italian-imported flues at Fire and Gas Lifestyles are manufactured from high-quality stainless steel or carbon steel to ensure longevity and optimum performance.
  • Attention needs to be paid to the safety distances and air gaps in your flue – this differs from unit to unit and our team will assist to make sure that your installation is flawless.
  • To prevent heat loss, the cavity needs to be caulked and insulated.
  • Each unit requires a fresh air vent positioned correctly. We will help you make sure that it is placed perfectly.
  • Circulation vents also need to be installed at certain distances and one needs to make sure that outlet vents are outlets and intake vents are intakes.

If your flue system does not seem to be functioning correctly anymore, it could mean that it is blocked by soot, debris, a bird’s nest, or even a small animal. A clear sign that your pipe is blocked is if your fireplace smokes unusually heavy, even with the damper fully open. In such instances, it is recommended that you contact a professional chimney sweeping service provider to get rid of the blockage effectively.

Another issue could be the draw of your flue system. It could be possible that the top of your flue is not exposed to enough air flow – this could be caused by several factors, including a tree that might have grown over your flue, or a nearby building that has changed the airflow, etc. To solve this issue, you would also need to get in touch with a professional service provider. A possible solution would be to extend the length of your flue pipe so that it is able to reach an unobstructed airflow again.

For a successful flue installation, it is best to rely on the professionals such as the team at Fire and Gas Lifestyles. Contact us for guidance on the installation of your system.

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