A Rustic Dovre Fireplace

The ultra-stylish Dovre fireplace range adds a rustic and contemporary twist to closed combustion fireplaces. These fireplaces were originally designed to withstand the harsh Scandinavian winters. The cast iron closed system hearths are guaranteed to provide hours of enjoyment and pleasure on cold and wet days. Warm up your home with a rustic and high-quality Dovre fireplace.

Should I choose a cast iron fireplace?

Cast iron fireplaces are made by pouring melted iron into a mould and sealing the joints between the panels with bolts and caulk. This durable material ensures longevity as it is robust and durable. Although cast iron is slow to heat up, it retains its heat slightly longer than plate steel. Cast iron allows a fireplace to be more efficient in heating a room and keeps the variation in temperature stable. Cast iron is also perfectly suited to stand up to extremely high temperatures which makes it a popular material in fireplace construction. Dovre also make use of ‘Cleanburn’ technology to ensure optimum combustion efficiency.

Cast iron fireplace designs allow a variety of styles to choose from and are typically more contemporary in the look and feel of a freestanding model. Although cast iron fireplaces can tolerate high heat and temperature fluctuations for long periods, the drawback of this material is that replacement parts are costly. This cost can be attributed to the fact that individual models have their own master patterns for casting parts.

The ability of cast iron to withstand high temperatures and temperature fluctuations makes it a valuable material which is used in the manufacturing of wood burning stoves. The variation in Dovre’s designs allow for décor lovers to match their look and feel of their interior to beautiful fireplaces. Cast iron hearths are able to disperse heat efficiently which makes this material a popular choice in fireplace design and manufacturing.

Dovre 2100 S Insert

R41,780.00 incl. VAT

Dovre 250

R28,720.00 incl. VAT

Dovre 2520 S Insert
Price on application

Dovre 425GM

R37,360.00 incl. VAT


Dovre 525

R32,900.00 incl. VAT

Dovre 540W

R34,580.00 incl. VAT


Dovre 640

R45,450.00 incl. VAT

Dovre 760 Ivory enameled

R61,530.00 incl. VAT

Dovre 760GM Black
Dovre 760WD

R52,090.00 incl. VAT


Dovre Astroline 3

From R46,680.00 incl. VAT


Dovre Astroline 4

From R47,930.00 incl. VAT

Dovre Bold 300 Black

R47,090.00 incl. VAT


Dovre Bold 400 Black

R50,700.00 incl. VAT

Dovre Bow
Price on application

Different base options available,
price varies

Dovre Brut 200 Black
Price on application

Dovre model TAI35

Price on application
Dovre model TAI45

R39,590.00 incl. VAT


Dovre model TAI55

R42,920.00 incl. VAT


Dovre Rock 350

From R44,870.00 incl. VAT

Different base options available,
price varies

Dovre Rock 500 Black

From R50,460.00 incl. VAT

Different base options available,
price varies
Dovre Vintage 35 Black

From R51,260.00 incl. VAT

Dovre Vintage 50 Black
Dovre Vintage 50 Black

From R57,090.00 incl. VAT

Wood as a fireplace fuel

The appeal of logs crackling in a fireplace is one that will not soon disappear. The visual aesthetic appeal of flames coming off logs has long been synonymous with comfort and luxury in fireplaces. Closed wood burning combustion fireplaces offer this option, but certain considerations should be met.
  1. Never use wet wood as this causes a fireplace to smoke unnecessarily, blackens windows with soot, drops the heat output and requires double the amount of wood to burn.
  2. Use only very dry and well-seasoned wood.
  3. Use reliable and well-known firelighters and chopped kindling to start a fire.
  4. Never use liquid fuels, tarred wood, fine coal, pallets etc. to start a fire.
  5. Never use your fireplace to get rid of documentation or waste.
Hard woods such as maple, birch, poplar and oak burn well. Dry and dense woods are the best option for long burning fires. Never use greenwood, driftwood, poisonous wood, plywood or chipboard to burn in your fireplace.

Speak to the professionals at Fire and Gas Lifestyles with regards to your fireplace needs. We are well known experts in the fireplace, braai and gas industry and are more than happy to advise, install or chimney sweep your fireplace.

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