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Gas fireplaces are increasing in popularity as more homeowners are comprehending the convenience it offers. At Fire and Gas Lifestyles, we offer a vast selection of beautiful, modern options suitable for indoor use. We have carefully partnered with prestigious brands, including Infiniti and Chad-O-Glo, to ensure that the products we offer are at the forefront of technology in the industry so that we can provide our clients with the best possible solutions in gas available on the market today.

Our modern units are designed to imitate a coal or log fire as realistically as possible, which means that home owners choosing to install a gas fireplace instead of a wood-burning one can still enjoy the comfort and warm atmosphere of a fireplace, without the hassle of acquiring wood and maintaining a fire.

We offer an end-to-end solution when it comes to the installation of your very own gas fireplace. Your first step would be to have a look at the products we have available and to get in touch with our team to discuss your options. We are licensed to complete gas installations for residential needs, which means that our team will take care of the installation to ensure that it is completed in alignment with regulated standards for efficiency and safety purposes.

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Top reasons to choose a gas fireplace:

If you find the choice between a gas and wood-burning fireplace an impossible one, here are some of the top reasons to install a gas fireplace in your home:


  • It ensures consistent heat without having to replace the logs.
  • Using gas as fuel ensures a cleaner and safer fireplace. Gas requires no clean-up after use, whereas a wood-burning fireplace needs to be cleaned often to remove ash and soot.
  • Using gas is a safer option for homeowners with young children as a gas fire does not spark and can be turned off instantly in case of an emergency.
  • Overall, these units require less effort as there is no need to purchase and store large amounts of wood.
  • With the correct flue, a gas fireplace can be installed without a chimney and it is therefore a simple solution if you do not have an existing chimney.
  • A gas fire can be controlled and homeowners have the option to raise or lower the flame as preferred.

Tips on keeping your gas fireplace clean

A gas fireplace can be a lovely addition to your home. A fireplace is often an eye-catching focal point in a room, which is why it is important that you keep it clean and looking as good as new. Here are some tips to not only help you keep your fireplace clean, but also functioning by preventing problematic build-up:

  • Before starting to clean your fireplace, it is important to turn the gas supply off. Allow a few minutes for the excess gas to leave the piping, and then commence with the cleaning process.
  • If you have gas logs in your fireplace, remove them carefully for cleaning. Use a paintbrush to brush away dirt from the logs. Remember, when putting the logs back in the fireplace, do not rearrange them, they have been carefully placed to provide you with optimum heating results. If you have lava rocks in your fireplace, remove the rocks from the fireplace, place them on a towel and gently vacuum them to get rid of dirt or grime.
  • Once you have removed the gas logs or lava rocks, clean the interior of your fireplace by using a vacuum cleaner. Check for any spider webs or dust bunnies that might have formed on the inside of the fireplace.
  • Wipe the inside of your fireplace with a damp cloth – do not make use of any type of cleaning products as this may react badly to the heat in the fireplace when used again.
  • If there is any tough build-up, of dust or soot, that you need to get rid of, only make use of mild dishwashing liquid mixed with water.
  • To clean the glass covering of your fireplace, use a fireplace glass cleaning product and not regular glass cleaning products, as this may react to carbon deposits that accumulate on the fireplace glass.
  • Whilst cleaning your fireplace, make sure to inspect your fireplace for any visible signs of damage. If you notice signs of damage, contacting a professional to conduct repairs is recommended to ensure that your fireplace keeps functioning optimally.

For more on the units available from Fire and Gas Lifestyles, you are welcome to reach out to our team directly to discuss your options. We look forward to hearing from you!

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