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Paloma heaters for instant hot water

Paloma heaters are tankless gas water heaters which provide a continuous flow of hot water suited to many residential applications. Provided that the gas and electric supply is not interrupted, an entire household can shower without running out of hot water. Paloma heaters are up to 87% energy efficient as per manufacturers specifications which makes this gas water heater an incredibly great investment. The various advantages of installing a gas water heater will convince even the most frugal of homeowners to invest in this system.

The ability to only pay for the hot water which is used means a reduction in costs and energy which is greatly effective for both the user and the environment. An additional benefit of a gas water heater is that there is low maintenance required post instalment. The installation of this system removes the need for additional chimneys, flues or covers are required.


Paloma 20L

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Benefits of a Paloma Gas Water Heater

  1. Continuous flow of hot water.
  2. Reduced costs.
  3. Simple user control.
  4. Energy efficient and eco-friendly.
  5. Compact design.
  6. Laboratory tested for consistent operation.
  7. Low emissions which exceed South African and international safety standards.
  8. Safe to use.
  9. Custom designed and developed for South African environments.
  10. Paloma units can be installed on existing or new solar systems.
  11. Flame safe protection systems.
  12. Intelligent soft touch control pads.
  13. Unassuming and clean design lines.

Gas water heater considerations

  • Flow rate settings should be understood upon installation of your gas water heater. The flow rate setting when set to slow means that the slower the water flows through the radiator, the hotter the water becomes. Therefore, a 20lt unit will flow at 20lt/min on cool. On the hot settings, the flow rate is half of the cool rate. So, a 20lt unit will produce hot water at 10lt/min.
  • Set the water heater at the temperature you will use it at. Running it at a colder setting will not work if you want constant hot water.
Basic flow rates for use:
  • Basin or camping use: 6lt unit.
  • Kitchen, basin and small shower use: 8lt unit.
  • Shower and basin use: 10lt unit.
  • Shower, basin and occasional bath use: 12lt unit.
  • Bath, basin and larger shower use: 16lt unit.
  • Jacuzzi or commercial use: 20lt unit.
One unit will run more than one bathroom as long as 2 people are not using it at the same time. If you require a larger flow rate than that of 20lt, you can cascade the system by using a number of units. Paloma heaters are a fantastic investment if you want efficiency, convenience and safety in one compact design.

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