Quality braai & fireplace accessories in Cape Town & surrounds

As far as braai and fireplace accessories in Cape Town and surrounding areas go, clients can rest assured that the selection of products available at Fire and Gas Lifestyles include everything you may require to get the most out of your braai or fireplace.

Many of the modern fireplace accessories available on the market today are not only useful, but also stylish and can therefore add to your home’s décor in a unique way.

fireplace accessories cape town

Fireplace & braai accessories to enhance your experience

For our clients’ convenience, Fire and Gas Lifestyles stocks a wide range of fireplace and braai accessories that accompany our various braai and fireplace models. These products are meant to offer even more convenience to our clients to ensure that their braai or fireplace provides them with as much enjoyment as possible.

So, if you are looking for specific braai or fireplace accessories in Cape Town and surrounds, look no further!

Some of the accessories we offer include:

Freestanding Spark Guards / Fireplace Screens

  • Freestanding Spark Guards are a necessary precaution when installing an open fireplace in one’s home. These screens are manufactured from solid mesh and cover the fireplace opening to prevent sparks from landing on carpets, furniture, etc. It can also prevent children or pets from coming too close to the open fire. Whilst offering safety, these screens do not hamper your view of the fireplace at all.  There are several types and styles of fire screens available on the market today for homeowners to choose from. Besides being a functional and safety accessory, it can also serve an aesthetic purpose in a room.

Wrought Irons

  • To perfectly maintain your fire, invest in quality wrought irons that can be used to move logs around and aid with the cleaning process after use.

Flues & Dampers

  • Fireplace flues and dampers allow you to control your fire. Flues refer to the duct or pipe responsible for conveying gas or smoke to the outdoors. To ensure that your braai or fireplace functions optimally, it is important to choose the right flue system – our team can assist you in making the correct decision.

Cooking Additions

  • For our gas and wood braais, we offer a range of additions that can be added to your braai to enable you to cook different types of food at once. Some examples include stir-fry pans, rotisserie add-ons, etc.

A list of fireplace accessories that are not necessarily must-haves, but can further enhance your fireplace experience, include:

  • Extra-long matches allow you to start a fire in a safe and efficient manner.
  • There are a range of andirons available on the market. These products are responsible for holding your logs together in your fireplace. Andirons do not only have to be functional – with the range of designs available today, they can also add a distinct touch to your fireplace’s appearance.

Have a look at the range of products that we have available to enhance your braai or fireplace – if you cannot find what you are looking for, please feel free to contact us to discuss your specific needs.

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