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Maintenance Check-List:


  • Wood burns better on a light bed of ash, stoves are designed to allow for this. With Mineral fuel, empty the pan regularly to stop ash building up and touching the underside of the grate which can lead to over heating of grate bars and cause subsequent damage.
  • Throat plates to be cleared at least monthly or when recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Replace Grate, Fire Bricks/Panels and Deflector if they are damaged.
  • Check Door Rope Seals regularly












Safety Check-List:


  • Keep all combustibles, including logs at a safe distance from the hot stove.
  • Always use the correct fuel for the Fireplace – as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Make sure any external air ventilation grills are not blocked.
  • Always use a securely fitted Fire Guard when children are in the house.
  • Never leave an open fire unattended without a Spark Guard.
  • Get your Fireplace serviced, and necessary maintenance done regularly by Fire and Gas Lifestyles.



Chimney Sweeping

Chimneys should be swept at least once a year when your stove is in use. The best time to have your Chimney swept is just before the start of the season or after pro-longed shut down If you are sweeping twice in the year, the second time should be after the peak of the heating season.

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